MONEYLAND is a Business Metaverse that allows all users to create their own VR business in the land of MONEYLAND.


Jun 13, 2022 00:00:00


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ICO Details

ICO Details
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MONEYLAND (MONELA) Token Sale Details
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Token Metrics & Distribution
Total Supply:

100,000,000 MONELA

Private Sale:

15,000,000 MONELA

Public Sale:

21,000,000 MONELA


15,000,000 MONELA


14,000,000 MONELA


5,000,000 MONELA


10,000,000 MONELA


12,000,000 MONELA


3,000,000 MONELA


5,000,000 MONELA

Private Sale 15.00%
Public Sale 21.00%
Team 15.00%
Ecosystem 14.00%
Liquidity 5.00%
Marketing 10.00%
Reserves 12.00%
Airdrop 3.00%
Staking 5.00%
Token Sale Price
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MONEYLAND is a Business Metaverse that allows all users to create their own VR business in the land of MONEYLAND.

The MONEYLAND Metaverse is based on the principles of complete decentralization and is built for all users who want to earn and grow rich by using our technologies, rapidly increasing their capital.

Any user can implement his crypto project in the VR space MONEYLAND. To create your own business, it is enough to buy land in the MONEYLAND Metaverse.

Then any user who opens his business in the VR space MONEYLAND will be able to receive the amount of crypto coins he needs to develop a new or existing business.

MONEYLAND Unique Features

  • The MONEYLAND Metaverse provides you with any a VR avatar in our smart city, you can choose your image, clothes, style! In the MONEYLAND Metaverse users are immortalized as their avatar is stored as an NFT on the blockchain Solana.
  • Users the MONEYLAND Metaverse can either start their own business in the metaverse and earn real income, or integrate their current business and develop in a new way in the VR space more efficiently.
  • A Business owners will enjoy the lower costs of starting and maintaining their business on MONEYLAND Metaverse, as well as the absence of lockdown, risk of failure, and financial hassle.
  • Using the internal financial instruments of MONEYLAND Metaverse, you can quickly get your first capital to start a new business or expand financing for an existing business.
  • All users participating in MONEYLAND Metaverse business projects can quickly earn and increase their capital from X10 to X100. Also, being present in the MONEYLAND VR space, users constantly receive rewards in MONELA tokens for any of their actions.
  • Inside the MONEYLAND Metaverse, users can also create their own metaverses compatible with VR/AR, desktop and mobile devices! This advantage provides unlimited opportunities for earning and scaling any business.
  • There are many other monetization strategies in MONEYLAND Metaverse. For example: creating and trading NFTs, creating liquidity pools in DeFi, buying any share of the business of new projects in the form of NFT tokens, leasing virtual land or real estate, receiving rewards in MONELA (MNL) tokens through staking, etc.



MONEYLAND Token Economy

The MONELA (MNL) token is a utility token that is used as a means of payment in the Business Projects of the MONEYLAND metaverse as well as on the DeFi protocol and the NFT marketplace. Flexible Staking rewards a Residents Metaverse the MNL tokens. Locked staking will reap higher rewards + NFT and MNL drops. We intend to support a governance model that allows the community to vote on initiatives and proposals.

  • MONELA (MNL) is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and sold on the website.
  • The token MONELA is a Utility, works only in the MONEYLAND Business Universe and is designed to launch Business Projects.
  • The MONELA token is the only instrument for settlements, remuneration, accrual of bonuses, guarantees, voting in the MONEYLAND Business Universe.
  • The MONEYLAND Business Universe is the only place where the MONELA token is officially used as a means of payment.

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Token MONELA emission 100,000,000 MNL

Token Distribution
Token Distribution

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