Iskra is a blockchain gaming hub that brings together gamers and game studios


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ICO Details

ICO Details
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ISKRA Token (ISK) Token Sale Details
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Gate Startup

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the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Mainland China, Malta, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia

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Token Metrics & Distribution
Total Supply:

1,000,000,000 ISK


100,000,000 ISK


100,000,000 ISK


200,000,000 ISK


200,000,000 ISK


400,000,000 ISK

Investors 10.00%
Team 10.00%
Ecosystem 20.00%
Staking 20.00%
Others 40.00%
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About ISKRA Token (ISK)

What is ISKRA?

Iskra is a blockchain gaming hub that brings together gamers and game studios. Our platform allows gamers to explore and enjoy quality blockchain games and create their own community. Interested users will have the opportunity to explore new game projects for the first time through our Launchpad. Users can also freely trade in-game tokens and other in-game assets minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) outside the game.
We consider ourselves both a Business Team and a Technical Team, each with deep blockchain and gaming expertise who bring a wide range of experience and insight.

ISKRA Unique Features



  • 2Q 2022
  • Iskra Portal Release
  • Iskra Wallet Release
  • Pioneer NFT Public Sale
  • Pioneer NFT Staking Release
    3Q 2022
  • Iskra Portal Update
  • Iskra Wallet Update(Supports Ethereum, Klaytn, Game Chain)
    Iskra Bridge Release – Ethereum <-> Klaytn, Klaytn <-> Game Chain
  • CEX Listing
  • 4Q 2022
  • CEX Listing
  • Iskra DEX Release – Swap
  • DEX Listing
  • Iskra Marketplace Release – Primary Market(Iskra Store)
  • Game NFT Sale
  • Mobile OS Supports
  • Governance Staking Release
  • Game Launching
  • Iskra Launchpad Release – IGO/INO
  • Governance Proposal/Voting Release
  • Iskra mainnet Release – The Hub Chain
  • Iskra Bridge Update – Ethereum <-> Hub Chain, Klaytn <-> Hub Chain
  • Iskra DEX Update – Liquidity Provider(LP) Incentive Program
  • Iskra Stable Swap Release – USDC/USDT <-> iUSD
  • Node System Release – Storage Node
  • Iskra Community System Release
  • 5+ Game Launching

ISKRA  Token Economy


Detailed Token Metrics


Token Distribution

– Team 10%
– Private Investor 10%
– Ecosystem Reserve 20%
– Staking 20%
– Pioneer NFT 40%

Token Release Schedule

– Team 10% : Next month of token listing / Vesting 36 to 60months upon conditions
– Private Investor 10% : No Cliff / Vesting 36months
– Ecosystem Reserve 20% : No cliff / Vesting 108 months
– Staking 20% : Cliff until staking service open / Vesting 240 months
– Pioneer NFT 40%: Cliff up to pNFT sales / Vesting 120 months

Partners & Advisors


Team Members

Eugene Lee
Eugene is the CEO of Iskra, who brings together and leads top experts in each field to make Iskra a reality.
He has successfully launched two blockchain projects, along with two start-up experiences and one business exit.
Since 2016, he has confidence in blockchain technology and served as a technical executive in a project called Icon, which was dubbed the ‘Korean Ethereum’.
Eugene helped create the LINE LINK blockchain project, which is the blockchain product of LINE, Asia’s #1 messenger platform.
BoB Kim
Bob oversees Iskra’s gaming business, supporting the onboarding of high-quality and sustainable games to the Iskra platform.
As an OG with more than 20 years of experience in the game industry, he served as an executive at global top game companies such as Netmarble and Hangame. He has a strong network not only in Korea, where is rich in content, but also in the global game industry.
He is also a top-level game monetization expert, and he has the experience of growing a business with annual sales of 5 million USD to 313 million USD in 3 years when he was in charge of the web board game business at Hangame and has the experience of M&A exit with a Korean listed company after 3 years of founding a social casino game company.
Spike Ryu
Spike is responsible for Iskra’s platform business and platform service planning. He is also responsible for overall management support such as HR/General Affairs/Finance/Legal affairs.
As the head of global service development for the mega-hit RPG game MapleStory, he has experience of successfully servicing games in over 60 countries around the world.
He also has experiences in operating global game services and corporations in the United States such as KOG-LU Games USA, Disney Interactive, and LINE EA.
At LINE Plus, he oversaw the Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) project for the Bank of Korea based on his understanding of blockchain technology.
Paul Kim
Paul oversees all of our ongoing development, technical strategies, and systems operations.
He was previously one of the founding members of Alticast Corporation, which was a globally leading Java-based DTV middleware vendor. He led its core engineering group as an engineering director, being responsible for embedded JVM/graphics subsystems and overseeing Europe and Taiwan markets. Also he contributed significant portions of a few Java specifications and ETSI standards there.
Before joining Iskra, he recently ran a small software consultancy, named SeasonFive Corportation, which provided consulting for high-performance, highly-available server and database systems, and blockchain implementations. He successfully delivered a few fold increase in the performance of the systems he built for his customers, which include a couple of BI systems and a flight ticket search system.
Ben Colayco
Global Managing Director
Ben leads Iskra’s international expansion, focusing on strategic partnerships and growing the global Iskra community.
O.G. (*old) entrepreneur who pioneered online video games in South America, Southeast Asia and India in the early 2000’s. Knows how to structure and lead an organization of 400 people across three continents. Fluent in English. (*Portuguese, French and Spanish after a few drinks). Over a decade of game publishing, the company he founded (Level Up!) was acquired by Tencent, joining a portfolio of brands that have become some of the most played video games in the world.