Crust Network (CRU)

Crust Network (CRU)

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.


Jan 10, 2023 00:00:00


Jan 10, 2023 00:00:00

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ICO Details
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About Crust Network (CRU)

What Is Crust Network?

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance. Crust supports multiple storage-layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes instant accessible on-chain storage functions to users. Crustʼs technical stack is also capable of supporting data manipulating and computing.

Crust Network Unique Features

Crust Network has three main functions: NFT and Metaverse Metadata storage, personal file storage, and Website/dApp hosting.


Q3 2018

Team Founded

  • Concept Design
  • Key Technologies Validation

Q2 2019

Proof of Concept

  • Protocol Design
  • Crust Chain Prototype

Q1 2020

Rocky DevNet

  • Open Source
  • Initial Version of Crust Chain Implementation
  • Launch Rocky DevNet and Open for Developers

Q4 2020

Maxwell CC2 Open TestNet

  • First satble Version of MpoW and GpoS
  • Launch Open TestNet and Incentize External Nodes to join.

Q2 2021

Maxwell Preview Network

  • First Stable Version of DSM
  • Launch Preview Network and Enable Cloud Storage Market

Q3 2021


  • Polkadot/Kusama ParaChain Technical Readiness
  • Promote for Use Cases and Get Applications Running on MainNet

Q2 2022

Cross-Chain Dstorage Interfaces

  • Implement Crust-Based Web3.0 IPFS Gateway and Pinning Service
  • Provide Smart Contract Based Storage Interface
  • Implement Polkadot XCMP-Based Cross-Chain Storage Solution

Q4 2022

Crust Data Indexing Service

  • Tag IPFS File System Structure with On-Chain Account
  • Implement Data Indexing Service on Crust Chain
  • Layer-2 GraphQL Support

Q1 2023

Crust Data Encryption and Authorization Service

  • Client-Side Data Encryption in Crust SDK
  • Implement ZK-Based Data Sharing and Authorization Technology
  • Authorization Lifecycle Management with On-Chain Transaction Integration

Q3 2023

Crust Data Identity and Trading Service

  • Aggregate Cross-Chain Identities and DID in Crust Accounts
  • Manage On-Chain Data Identity
  • Adopt Smart Contract VM for Data Trading and Processing Scenarios

Q4 2023

MPoW Storage Proof V2

  • Implement Decentralized TEE Attestation Mechanism
  • Development Version of Zero-Knowledge Proof under MPoW Interfaces

Q2 2024

  • Support Offchain Work Report Roll-up for Higher Scalability
  • Support Sharding Network

Q4 2023

MPoW Storage Proof V3 – ZKProof

  • Implement ZK-Based Storage Proof Mechanism in MPoW
  • Upgrade GPoS to Adopt ZK-Based Work Reports

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