1 AIIAX = 0.005 USD

Our platform is designed to help ordinary people become extraordinary. Whether to build a new career or to enhance your skills, we will help you build your future.


Sep 1, 2022 00:00:00


Sep 25, 2022 00:00:00

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ICO Details

ICO Details
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AIIAX Project (AIIAX) Token Sale Details
Ticker Symbol:


Blockchain Network:

Binance Smart Chain

Token Type:




Tokens for Sale:

45,000,000 AIIAX

ICO Token Sale Price:

1 AIIAX = 0.005 USD


Token Metrics & Distribution
Total Supply:

2,000,000,000 AIIAX

Initial Fully Diluted Market Cap:


Initial Market Cap:


Private Sale:

39,000,000 AIIAX

Pre Sale 1:

25,000,000 AIIAX

Pre Sale 2:

20,000,000 AIIAX

Public Sale:

50,000,000 AIIAX


400,000,000 AIIAX


200,000,000 AIIAX


200,000,000 AIIAX


6,000,000 AIIAX


760,000,000 AIIAX

Private Sale 1.95%
Pre Sale 1 1.25%
Pre Sale 2 1.00%
Public Sale 2.50%
Team 20.00%
Partners 10.00%
Liquidity 10.00%
Airdrop 0.30%
Others 38.00%
Token Sale Price
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About AIIAX Project (AIIAX)

What is AIIAX?

Our platform is designed to help ordinary people become extraordinary. Whether to build a new career or to enhance your skills, we will help you build your future.

AIIA Educational Platform by Predict Vision will give you the opportunity to learn and create AI algorithms,  Blockchain smart contracts in an easy way. We know how complex it is and based on our knowledge we will simplify it for you. No matter what is your background, our platform is designed to support you in all steps as self-learned or through our global community. Learning sometimes can be boring and to keep our users motivated we have implemented the learn to earn method, so while you are committed to learn, we will reward you with AIIA tokens.

AIIAX Unique Features

AIIAX Unique Features
AIIAX Unique Features


Mar 2017
  • Predict Vision AI Founded
Dec 2021
  • AIIA Platform Project Launch
Feb 2022
  • Private Sale Campaign
Mar 2022
  • Educational Platform Dev Start
  • Community Dev Start
Apr 2022
  • Ecosystem Dev Start
May 2022
  • Airdrop Mkt Campaign
  • Private Sale 2nd round
Jun 2022
  • Beta Test for the AIIA Learning Platform
  • 1st Pre-Sale
  • AI Components Development for AIIA Learning Platform
Aug 2022
  • 2nd Round Pre-Sale
  • AIIA Learning Platform Released
  • Airdrop Winners and Distribution
Sep 2022
  • IDO Preparation
  • Public IEO Preparation
Oct 2022
  • Exchange Listing
  • Japan Office Opening
  • Multilanguage Learning Platform Implementation
  • WEB3 Content Development
  • Top 20 Exchange Listing
Nov 2022
  • Investment Courses added
  • Top 10 Exchange Listing
Dec 2022
  • Bonus distribution to token holders
  • Blockchain Tools development
  • Testing of AI Tools
Jan 2023
  • Fully AIIA Learning Platform release
  • Blockchaing creation tools testing
  • Blockchaing + AI tools released
Feb 2023
  • Platform launch for countries with poor education system
  • Onboarding HR agencies and Tech companies
  • Partnership with educational organizations worldwide
  • Learn APP development
Mar 2023
  • New topics and contents to be added
Apr 2023
  • Marketplace implementation
May 2023
  • European office opening
  • Project Governance Implementation
  • User base growth

AIIAX Token Economy


Detailed Token Metrics


Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Token Distribution

Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule
Token Release Schedule

Partners & Advisors


Team Members

Gilberto Takata, CEO
Business MBA from Manchester University with more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, worked as an International consultant on four different continents. Passion for innovation and new ways to do things out of the comfort zone.

Rafael Eder, CTO and Lead AI
Extensive experience in tech projects varying in complexity and high capability to learn new things in a short time frame. The brain behind the AI technology architecture behind Predict Vision platform. Love technology and animals

Sergio Hirakawa, Head of Asia Development
Passionate for the human relationship and firmly believes that any of us can make a difference and impact people’s lives for the goodextensive experience in the crypto market with experience launching his investment fund. Entrepreneur spirit at its core.

Don Louro, Education Executive Head
Education Global Executive and Digital Business and Behavior
Strategist. Instructional Leadership Inspired by Data and
n and Technology Consultant in Digital Platforms and Metaverse (Immersion Imagetic Environments). Mathematician and Cognitive and Affective Computing Scientist (BCs, MBA, MSc, MSEM, PhD in course for Artificial Intelligence applied to Data Strategy and its Impacts on High Performance in Human Behavior). Artificial Intelligence, BCI and AVR Mentor of EretzBio at Albert Einstein Hospital, developing scientific and market competencies and skills for StartUps and SpinOffs leaders. Preparing Skills Today to Be Part of the New Future. Researcher in AI, BCI & Metaverse at GAESI/USP