Polygonum Online (POG)

Polygonum Online (POG)


1 POG = 0.08 USD

Polygonum Online – free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace and OpenWorld. Key feature is NFT Marketplace with live demand and supply from players.


Oct 15, 2021 00:00:00


Nov 18, 2021 00:00:00

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ICO Details

ICO Details
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Polygonum Online (POG) Token Sale Details
Ticker Symbol:


Blockchain Network:

Binance Smart Chain

Token Type:




Fundraising Goal:

120,000 USDT

Tokens for Sale:

3,500,000 POG

ICO Token Sale Price:

1 POG = 0.08 USD

Individual Allocation:

Min 200 USD

Max Participants:


Accept Payments:



DAOMaker, RedKite, GameFi

Token Sale Page:

Click here


Token Metrics & Distribution
Total Supply:

100,000,000 POG

Initial Circulating Supply:

8,325,000 POG

Initial Fully Diluted Market Cap:


Initial Market Cap:


Seed Round:

8,750,000 POG

Private Sale:

8,750,000 POG

Public Sale:

3,500,000 POG


12,000,000 POG


7,500,000 POG


15,000,000 POG


5,000,000 POG


8,000,000 POG

Mining Pool:

30,000,000 POG

Seed Round 8.75%
Private Sale 8.75%
Public Sale 3.50%
Team 12.00%
Advisors 7.50%
Liquidity 15.00%
Treasury 5.00%
Marketing 8.00%
Mining Pool 30.00%
Token Sale Price
Seed Round Price:

0.08 USD

Private Sale Price:

0.08 USD

Public Sale Price:

0.08 USD

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About Polygonum Online (POG)

What is Polygonum Online?

Polygonum Online – free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace and OpenWorld. Key feature is NFT Marketplace with live demand and supply from players. Open World is divided into three zones (FARM, PVP, PVE), where everyone will find something to do.

Polygonum Online Features

FARM zone – Safe area.

  • Free item storage
  • Free craft table, upgrade items level, repair
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NPC Marketplace
  • NPC quests
  • Private island – build own FARM invite friends and get benefit

PVE zone – Pseudo safe area. Divided into sub-zones with different levels of enemies. Level of enemies depends on the value of loot from them.

  • Resource extraction (wood, plants, fabric, meat etc.)
  • Mining ores (stone, metal, gold etc.)
  • Completing NPC quests
  • Enemies (wild animals, zombies)

PVP zone – Danger area. Battle of players and death bounty, rare resources and zombies.

  • City 1 (MIDDLE) – low concentration of zombies, low chance of spawning zombie bosses
  • City 2 (HARD) – high concentration of zombies, high chance of spawning zombie bosses
  • Battle of players
  • Zombies:
  • Default zombie
  • Fast zombie – fast movement speed and default power
  • Strong zombie – strong and default movement speed
  • Boss zombie – fast and strong


POG Roadmap

Token Economy

Ecosystem within the game uses an in-game token and a governance token.

● Token1 (governance token) – POG Coin (POG)

● Token2 (in-game token) – Skill Point (SP)

Commissions in the game will be controlled by the players by voting. Weight of the voice will depend on the

volume of staked Token1.


NFT marketplace + % commissions

Upgrade items + % commissions

Staking to get NFT items, voting

● Token2

FARM zone: Rewards from FARM, Autofarm, Island for staking

PVP zone rewards

Mining gold ore = token

NPC quests rewards

NPC Marketplace (not NFT)

Repair items

● Token1 + Token2

Skill system – payment for the possession of the skill. Each skill has 5 levels. Levels improve

performance and provide access to high-level items (1-3 level – Token2; 4-5 level – Token1 + Token2)

Token Release Schedule

POG Token Realease Schedule

Partners  & Advisors


POG Partners and Investors


Idoresearch Ventures, Icetea Labs, Morningstar Ventures, MoonBoots.


POG Partners and Investors

ZBS Capital, Kyros Ventures, DAO Maker, Raptor Capital, Marcius Capital, Metrix Capital, Reblock Blockchain Solutions, Skynet Trading, MoonBoots, Morningstar Ventures, IDOResearch Ventures, 111PG.