LayerZero is an Omnichain interoperability protocol. Layerzero enables the Realization of cross-chain applications with a low level Communication primitive.


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ICO Details
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About LayerZero

What Is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an Omnichain interoperability protocol. Layerzero enables the Realization of cross-chain applications with a low level Communication primitive.

LayerZero Unique Features

  • Ultra Light Node: Currently, blockchain processes data through Nodes, the more optimized version of Node will be Light Node with lower cost. LayerZero with information processing technology through Ultra Light Node will bring high cost-effectiveness
  • Use Cases: Today cross-chain messaging is synonymous with bridging, but there is much more you can do with LayerZero than simply bridging assets. LayerZero enables cross-chain {state sharing, bridging, lending and borrowing, swaps, governance} And much more!
  • State Sharing: SushiSwap exists on twelve different chains with each instance running in a siloed ecosystem. If they want to sync state with their main Ethereum instance, they’ll have to write code for using Wormhole, Rainbow Bridge, Polygon Network Bridge, Avalanche Bridge, etc. The end result is eleven sets of code, with eleven unique interfaces and eleven different security properties. Since the ecosystem of bridges and new L1/L2s is constantly in flux, this becomes an unmanageable proposition. When using LayerZero, SushiSwap would have one single interface and code base for all cross-chain pairs. They only need to implement send and receive functions. Send consists of forming a message for the destination chain and receive simply interprets that message.
  • Unified Liquidity Bridge: Bridges today compete to attract liquidity providers (LPs), fragmenting liquidity between bridges and their individual pairwise pools. Instead of having one pool that provides liquidity for an asset to all connected chains, LPs must choose a single pool that connects to one chain. LayerZero enables the holy grail of bridging: unified liquidity across all chains with guaranteed finality on the source chain. This means when a user transfers an asset from Chain A to Chain B, the user is guaranteed the asset on Chain B and the LP providers receive fees from all incoming transactions to Chain B regardless of the source chain.
  • Swaps: Existing AMMs can be wrapped to perform cross-chain swaps from one asset to another without the need to modify any existing code. User’s will be able to swap from ETH on Ethereum to SOL Solana in one single transaction from the source chain.
  • Lending and Borrowing: Currently, if a user has money on chain A but wants to farm on Chain B the user would have to collateralize on Chain A, borrow, bridge (fee), swap (fee), farm on the destination chain, swap back (fee), bridge back (fee), repay the loan, and un-collateralize. With LayerZero you can collateralize on Chain A, borrow on the destination chain, farm, repay, and the collateral is unlocked; skipping the four bridging and swapping fees.



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LayerZero Labs raised a huge amount of capital – 135 million USD in a Series A funding round from the major players in the Crypto market, led by a16z, FTX ventures, Sequoia, along with the participation of big names. veterans such as Coinbase, Defiance, Binance Labs, Spartan, Multicoin Capital, Sino Global, Hypersphere Ventures…