Guild of Guardians (GOG)

Guild of Guardians (GOG)


1GOG = 0.1 USD ~ 0.075 USD

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players take teams of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources. These resources are used to create rare items and heroes which can be sold for real money


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ICO Details

ICO Details
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Guild of Guardians (GOG) Token Sale Details
Ticker Symbol:


Blockchain Network:


Token Type:




Fundraising Goal:


Tokens for Sale:

60,000,000 GOG

ICO Token Sale Price:

1GOG = 0.1 USD ~ 0.075 USD

Individual Allocation:

Min 100 USD, Max 500 USD

Max Participants:


Accept Payments:




Can't participate:

Australia, Canada, China, USA

Token Sale Page:

Click here


Token Metrics & Distribution
Total Supply:

1,000,000,000 GOG

Initial Circulating Supply:

125,000,000 GOG

Initial Fully Diluted Market Cap:


Initial Market Cap:


Private Sale:

50,000,000 GOG

Public Sale 1:

40,000,000 GOG

Public Sale 2:

20,000,000 GOG

Community Rewards:

280,000,000 GOG

Player Rewards:

35,000,000 GOG


200,000,000 GOG


60,000,000 GOG

Private Sale 5.00%
Public Sale 1 4.00%
Public Sale 2 2.00%
Community Rewards 28.00%
Player Rewards 3.50%
Development 20.00%
Others 6.00%
Token Sale Price
Public Sale 1 Price:

0.1 USD

Public Sale 2 Price:

0.075 USD

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About Guild of Guardians (GOG)

What Is Guild of Guardians ?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players take teams of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources. These resources are used to create rare items and heroes which can be sold for real money. Players will work together to create the best squad of Guardians, contribute to their Guild and develop strategies to complete the most challenging content in the game. The game is set in a familiar, fantasy RPG world where players can play as mages, warriors, elves, orcs and more

Guild of Guardians Unique Features

  • Zero gas costs for peer to peer trading;
  • No custodial risk; users keep their private keys;
  • Handles up to 9,000 transactions per second;
  • Not a centralised sidechain;
  • Supports ERC-20 and ERC-721;
  • Instant settlement, no revert.


Guild of Guardians Roadmap
Guild of Guardians Roadmap

Guild of Guardians Economy

  • Gems are needed to mint gaming NFTs

Creating a blockchain asset in Guild of Guardians is a premium action that requires Gems. Examples of in-game activities which involve minting new blockchain assets include:Merging (combining several heroes of one rarity tier to create one hero in a higher rarity tier); Crafting (working together with your guild to collect resources to craft tradeable items); Ascension (upgrading a hero to add a star and increase its level cap); Whenever Gems are spent to create a new asset, all Gems spent are moved into a Rewards Pool to be distributed back to Gems holders (see Use Case #3 below).The Gem cost of minting a particular NFT will increase with each NFT minted, which will encourage the early use of Gems and serve as a mechanism to regulate the supply of assets and avoid the scenario of the market being flooded with items.

  • Gems are needed to buy assets in a primary sale or as a fee in secondary sales

Whenever a player purchases assets in a primary sale (from the Developer), 20% of the sale value must be paid in Gems and sent to a rewards pool.Whenever a player trades assets in a secondary sale (peer to peer), 20% of the marketplace fee that the Developer charges must be paid in Gems and sent to a rewards pool.To simplify the user experience, we will likely allow all purchases to occur in a single transaction and automatically purchase Gems from a DEX and transfer those Gems to the rewards pool on the buyer’s behalf.

  • Gems are distributed back to players via Active Staking rewards

Gems spent to mint, buy or trade assets will be sent to the Rewards Pool.Gems in the rewards pool will be given away via active staking, where players must stake and actively participate in the game to receive rewards. There will be two stages of active staking based on implementation timelines and development. Acting staking stage 1 will commence upon the soft launch of Guild of Guardians mobile game, estimated to occur early 2022.Active Staking Stage 1: Vote + StakeGems in the reward pool are distributed to everyone who votes on meaningful game decisions. The developer will decide what decisions get put to the vote. Examples of topics include awarding development grants or changing the reward weighting for player rewards. Any vote will be considered binding if it passes the prescribed minimum requirements, for example, 80% acceptance. Gems holders must both stake and vote to earn rewards, with rewards being proportional to their staked amount. Gems may be subject to transfer restrictions.Active Staking Stage 2: Play + StakeIn the long-term, we plan to distribute Gems in the reward pool to everyone who “plays the game” instead of everyone who votes. This structure will be designed to grow and enhance the overall game and economy for all participants. Gem holders must also stake to receive rewards, with total rewards proportional to the Gems they stake. Gems rewards may be subject to transfer restrictions. The definition of play the game is intended to require active participation, and for example, may include in-game achievements that require 30 minutes of playtime per week.To build a more cooperative community, Gem holders will be able to delegate their “plays the game” work to other players in exchange for sharing a percentage of their Gems rewards. Implementing this change may require passing a community vote and will be subject to development timelines.

  • Used for Governance and Voting

Token holders will be able to vote on token-related proposals via decentralized governance. Proposals will include topics such as how to allocate token reserves, voting on developer grants, activating daily rewards and changes in token supply. Other proposal categories may be added via the appropriate decentralized governance processes. Our goal is to continuously add to the utility and decentralization of the Token through user voting.  In order to submit a proposal for voting, an individual needs to own a certain threshold of tokens, which will be determined at a later date. The Foundation has the right to propose items to be put to vote that are seen as positive for the ecosystem as a whole, and will perform a facilitation role in the curation of proposals that will be voted on by all Token holders. All votes that successfully pass will be executed accordingly and as soon as feasible given consideration of commercial and technological implementation limitations. Protocol governance is performed on L1, with wallet balances sourced across both L1 and L2. The more tokens a user holds, the greater their voting power.

Detailed Token Metrics

Guild of Guardians Token Metrics
Guild of Guardians Token Metrics

Token Distribution

Guild of Guardians Token Distribution
Guild of Guardians Token Distribution
  • PLayer Rewards: 35% – 350,000,000 GOG.
  • Community Rewards: 28%- 280,000,000 GOG.
  • Developers: 20% – 200,000,000 GOG.
  • Token Sale: 11% – 110,000,000 GOG. Bao gồm: Public Sale (6%) + Private Sale (5%).
  • Guardians Guild Limited: 6% – 60,000,000 GOG.

Token Release Schedule

Guild of Guardians Token Release Schedule
Guild of Guardians Token Release Schedule
  • Early Backers

11% of the total supply of 110,000,000 Gems are reserved for sale. From the full amount 5% via a private and 6% for the community public sale to encourage its early use and allow early voting to be done on game direction or features.Private sale tokens will unlock over 30 months, with a 12-month cliff.We may also provide early access to the game or exclusive heroes (NFTs) to early backers. Any funds received from the sale of Gems will be used for marketing upon game release.

  • Developers

200,000,000 Gems will be allocated to Leonis in payment for development services in building out the Guild of Guardians game. These will unlock over 48 months with a 12-month cliff to incentivise long-term growth.

  • Player Rewards

350,000,000 Gems will be set aside in a rewards pool which distributes Gems to players depending on qualifying game behaviours.Every day there will be a fixed number of Gems released from a smart contract (or otherwise secure system), and these will be distributed to all players who were active during that period and meet the reward program criteria. The fixed rewards may change over time. The intention is to reward dedicated players based on how actively they play or have played in the past. Examples of play behaviour (or criteria) that would be incentivised: Playtime (e.g. amount of energy used); Account level/character progression; Account history (activity in the past week); Completion of daily quests; There is a large pool of rewards dedicated to players because players will be using these rewards to summon heroes and craft equipment. These will unlock over 48 months following the game launch, which is estimated to occur in early 2022.

  • Community Rewards

280,000,000 Gems will be held in a discretionary rewards pool called ‘Community Rewards’, distributed to the community on a discretionary basis. 220,000,000 Gems will be made available from day one, and the rest of the tokens will be distributed according to the road map. The discretionary pool has several benefits:Rewarding activities are difficult to quantify but add significant value to the game and game economy, such as referring a friend or managing the community. Providing rewards to the entire game community makes the game better not just for its regular players but for the entire network.Allow for iterations to the rewards distribution approach to make the game as successful as possible. In the longer term, the allocation of discretionary rewards will likely be decentralised so Gem holders can vote on what they want to see for rewards. Example allocations of discretionary rewards include: Bonus rewards for founder NFT purchases; Liquidity mining; Referrals; Content creation and community participation; 3rd party development; Partners and advisors; Competition rewards;

  • Guardians Corporation

Guardians Corporation will hold 60,000,000 Gems: 30,000,000 of them will be available from the first day in a Corporate treasury, and Guardians Corporation intends to commit some of these tokens to liquidity pools and other corporate uses.The remainder unlocked over a 48 month period with a 12 month cliff.

Partners & Advisors

Guild of Guardians Partners
Guild of Guardians Partners

Team Members

  • DEREK LAU (Game Director): 8+ years experience in start-ups, product and deep into NFTs since 2017. Previously, founder of Parkways and management consultant at Oliver Wyman advising C-suite executives.
  • AARON MURRAY (Creative Director): 15+ years experience as a Creative and Art Director across studios such as EA, Ubisoft, and the Void. Previously, Co-founder and Creative Director of Strange Reptile.
  • JOSIAH WALLACE (Lead Game Designer): 6+ years experience as a Game Designer. Previously, the primary designer on Temple Run and Temple Run 2 – titles with more than 1 billion downloads.
  • IVAN ERTLOV (Senior Producer): 20 years experience and shipped ~120 games across all major platforms, both AAA and indie. Previously, producer on RISK, Hitman, Fast and Furious, and Anno. Worked with Red Bull, Ubisoft, Hasbro, and more.


Guild of Guardians Investors
Guild of Guardians Investors

Investors: Coinbase Ventures, Yield Guild, Dialectic, Double Peak, Galaxy Digital, Nirvana Capital, Apex Capital, Continue Capital, D64 Ventures, Digital, Ghaf Capital Partnes, GrowYourBase, Real Deal, Moonwhale Ventures, Flamingo Capital, BlackPool Capital, Naspers Ventures